Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are easily one of our favorite projects to work on. They allow us to be creative and solve problems in whole new and innovative ways. We exclusively do poured in place countertops. Decorative touches such as integral color, river gravel aggregate, glass beads embedded in the concrete, reflective mirror pieces are all touches that are exposed when we grind and polish the surface.

We use the innovative Z Counter forms to achieve various profiles to the counter edges. We also can use form liners to mimic live edges like sandstone or even reclaimed timber!

Our counters are polished to a reflective shine, densified and sealed with a penetrating sealer before being finished with a food grade bees wax that is easy to reapply and becomes part of the regular cleaning and maintenance of the tops.

With installations in many popular west side bars and restaurants you are able to see our work up close.

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